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    DSIL Course

    DSIL Course

    Thailand | Indonesia | Cambodia | Online Worldwide

    Teaching Innovation and Human-Centered Design in the world of development, start-up and socially minded for-profits.

    The DSIL Course is a globally certified professional development program designed for individuals from all sectors who are ready to expand their leadership skills through emerging innovation practices. The experiential curriculum consists of interactive 10-day field immersions in Southeast Asia and live Virtual Classroom sessions where you will find yourself building greater capacity to create, think critically, and move ideas into action in highly diverse groups. At the same time, you'll be evolving too- reflecting on your leadership strengths and opportunities to grow.

    International Development Design Summit

    DSIL Global and Raitong Organics Farm, together with our team of social enterprises, local communities, and universities are ready to work together to create the future of innovation in rural Thailand.



    DSIL Global is bringing the first International Development Design Summit (IDDS) to Southeast Asia. We are collaborating with Raitong Organics Farm for this 3 week experience dedicated to building solutions + new tech with the rural organic farmers of Sisaket Province, Thailand alongside global applicants in August 2017 from all sectors.

  • How I Can Contribute to Your Company or Project?

    Design Thinking

    for Innovation

    Design thinking is at the center of my work. It guides how I teach, train and go about creative problem solving alongside teams and community who know that problem best. This d.thinking path allows for the dissection and clarity of complex problems first. Next, it moves into platform to find humanizing solutions that last, many times using less money and keeping a re-newed sense of sustainability at the center.

    Learn More: Why Design Thinking Should be at the Core of your Business

    Training Workshops + Retreats

    From half-day sessions to week long workshops and team retreats, I am available to design with you and your needs. I will co-create unique sessions to empower and energize workspaces by adding skills that will carry over to build a strong company/community culture and interpersonal relationships. These processes will continue to improve work output, teamwork, innovative capacity, creativity, problem solving skills, co-creative ability and yes, happiness i.e. job satisfaction.

    Learn More: Using Design Thinking to Embed Learning at Our Jobs.

    Engaging Facilitation

    My facilitation is rooted in engaging everyone in the room on the topic at hand. I use Liberating Structures as a base for my facilitation style and ensure that at the end of any project, we get to where we need to go with next steps that move people into action and leave them feeling inspired by the conversations they participated in. I am trained and experienced in trauma work as well as progressive conflict transformation methods that aid in pulling out solutions that stick.

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  • Client Opinions


    " Katy is a sharp and a fast thinker whom introduced me to the power of making unusual combinations by focusing on topics or words that in the end leads to breakthroughs or new insights that are important to growth and innovation."


    Sem Carree, Professor at Delft University

    Owner of BlitzKickers, Amsterdam

    Start-up and Business Developement

    96% of Workshops particpants have conveyed high satisfaction.


    "Katy is highly empathic, which  allowed our group to be vulnerable and helped me ask myself the right questions. Great progress on my buisness ever since her workshops."


    Lucille Danglas, Entrepreneur

    Chateau de Paraza, France

    86% of Customers (827 since 2012) agreed skills taught by Katy were used daily in the workplace after the workshop.


    Collaborative communication, creativity and innovation tactics, and the design thinking process were ranked most useful.

    "Katy's authenticity and creative mind make her awesome facilitation skills a killer combination. She not only taught and facilitated in building strengths we already possessed lifting the team to another level,  but still continues to foster the power within our group to this day when we need guidance. Her focus on embracing the complexity of inner and outer growth during my experience has left me with a inspiring friend and coach."


    Mansi Kakkar, Problem Solver at Tipping Point, Bay Area USA

    Facilitation + Creativity

    Teams and Research

    "Katy is the most curious person I know. When she researches she is rigorous; when she teaches, she learns alongside; when she learns, she asks the right questions. Having her on our team made our end result the best it could be. The standard she sets is high, and everyone reaches it."


    -Pete Taske

    Educational Research Team, South Africa


    "Everyone is a teacher
    Every place is a school
    Every moment is lesson" ~ Sari Pollen

    This is how I would sum Katy up as our guide for 10 days learning about social innovation. Of 14 years, she is the best facilitator I have experienced."


    -Mohamed Eraky

    Senior Manager in National Training - Talent Development, Qatar Airways, Qatar

  • I am an Executive Coach.

    I am a Rotary Peace Fellow.

    I am really curious about the makers movement!

  • Innovation Profile: We Become Good At What We Do, by Doing it.



    Based in Bangkok, works globally.

    D/O is a consulting collective that based regionally in Bangkok and works internationally to build capacity using design thinking at its core. We work with teams on corporate innovation, international development, and experiential education. The D/O team has partnered with more than 50 pioneering organizations around the world.

    Recent Projects:

    • Designed and facilitated the Thailand UNDP Social Innovation Summit: A Meeting of the Minds that brought together 50+ organizations from around the country to run through a full-day design sprint on how UNDP might help fill the gaps in social innovation in Thailand.
    • Designed and facilitated the 3-day Asia Catalyst internal strategic planning retreat where the international team co-created a new agile strategic plan that can withstand ever-changing environments. During the retreat the team also went through capacity building in generative communication, and personal awareness skills along the way.

    Designing For Social Innovation and Leadership- DSIL Course

    Co-Founder | Chief Educational Architect | Lead Facilitator

    South East Asia

    The Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership Global is a company I own with two inspiring people, and one I am proud to be apart of. We teach and engage with design thinking in a variety of ways.


    Most notably, I have dedicated my time co-creating the DSIL Course, a professional development program in HCD and innovation for all sectors looking to have a social impact. The course design leverages experiential learning through field immersions, hands-on real world challenges that walk participants through the design process, plus dynamic classes with global thought leaders in social innovation to create integrated learning that sticks.


    DSIL is delivered in academic and administrative partnership by the Centre for Executive Education (CEE) of the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) .


    In 2014, we brought together over 30 world-shakers from 19 countries to and now our numbers have tripled as we enter our 4rd successful session of the course.


    Additionally, I am the lead facilitator for our participants during our 10 day field immersions where we push deep reflection in the practices of HCD both in the process of it and as a pedagogy. I have been privileged to practice, design, and co-teach over 30 workshops across cultures along the way always "training the trainer" to take the knowledge forward.


    The DSIL Global team also has a consulting collective tackling projects around the globe around innovation, leadership, collberation & co-creation, facilitation and design thinking. See more about it above under D/O!

    International Child Redress Project

    HCD Designer

    South East Asia

    The International Child Redress Project (ICRP) is an organisation working to ensure that all child abuse victims have access to civil justice. 


    At ICRP we believe that awarding large sums of money to individual children in poor communities can put them at greater risk of harm and even fuel the sex trade. That is why we work with communities using human centred design solutions to create locally appropriate ways to manage money awarded as compensation.


    We aim to provide advice and support to empower local communities to recognise and advance children’s rights. 

    We use the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a guide to our work. By using a child rights focused approach we aim to connect children everywhere with their right to be heard and protected from abuse and exploitation.


    At ICRP I am the HCD designer who ensures that we are following the process internally and teaching it externally where ever we can to build capacity in communities as well as in the field of development. This also means designing and facilitating forums with partners and individuals in the communities we work. 


    The Academy

    Curriculum Designer 


    I jumped at this opportunity to design engaging and experimental curriculum for ages 11-18 that would push youth to think critically about themselves and the ever evolving world around them. Using research and the experience I had from many years of working with youth, I designed a classroom experience that gently empowered every student to participate through activities that guided them to learning that is relevant for their lives.


    With 70 hours of classroom time and 5 modules, students will leave the Academy program with the tools to empower them to move wholeheartedly in the direction(s) they choose to take not only in their career, but also in their personal lives.

    Modules included:

    • Harnessing your Personal Leadership Style
    • Developing Creative Collaboration + Confidence
    • Building Teams for Impact and Innovation
    • Leading with Empathic Influence
    • Leadership Styles and Group Dynamics
    • Human Centered Design 101


    Program Design Director | Facilitator 

    Cambodia and Vietnam

    The Sarus Exchange Program is a highly successful exchange program for Cambodian and Vietnamese university students designed to promote increased mutual understanding between young Cambodians and Vietnamese after the lasting generational tensions from the genocide. 


    At Sarus, I used design thinking to develop new staff trainings focused in exploring emotional awareness, effective leadership through healthy communication practices, conflict transformation, generative creativity, empowerment, and building community and cultural awareness in groups of young people. 


    Additionally, I was use d.thinking to co-design (and facilitate) a new internship program for young woman from Myanmar and Bangladesh for the purpose of leadership development tailored to their needs. After implementing the program, I then created an evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness and impact of the training on participants.


    Finally, I worked on the committed Sarus team to co-create and facilitate a cultural immersion program for female leaders from Japan's Hiroshima University (HJU). This program entailed using English and field immersions as tools to better understand the development and cultural complexities of rural and urban Cambodia for social innovation, as well as a look at poverty and social enterprises through a new lens of empathy. 

    Refilwe Community Project

    HCD Training and Program Design Consultant

    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Ithuteng After School Program 



     At Refilwe we believe in providing a hand up rather than a hand out.

    The Ithuteng Community After Care Centre and Recycle Project has already proven to be a great success in a very short space of time. The new after care centre teaches children about responsibility and the environment as well as entrepreneurship, as they must collect and bring recyclable material to be their payment as part of the programme. In addition, the children receive ‘Refilwe Mulas’ (the new currency at Refilwe) for their recyclable materials and they can then exchange them for stationery, personal care items and basic food stuffs. 


    I had the opportunity to implement design thinking to co-create and facilitate trainings for the youth work staff as well as the Refilwe administration team centered around using healthy communication styles, conflict transformation, creating room for creativity and innovation, and building inclusive/action based environments. The community shared their stories of struggle to unite them in their new strategy stemming from the workshops.


    I  ran workshops with Refilwe foster parents to teach them the phases of grief/behaviors the youth may be going through since their displacement from their homes. 


    I was also able to work with the existing staff to re-haul of the Ithuteng After-School Program. We included long- term volunteers, and teen youth in the design-thinking process to create a new structure for the program that would allow for a more positive and manageable environment.


    Finally, I collaborated with the Refilwe community leaders to construct a new structure for programs that will assist foster youth in successfully aging out of the foster care system to become independent, happy, and contributing members. This process was rooted in d.thinking.



    Propel Educational Consultancy

    International Innovation Leader | Strategic Consultant

    Uganda, Africa/ Worldwide

    Propel believes education is a fundamental right.


    "Our vision is to ignite passionate and innovative education tactics among committed teachers to propel quality learning in classrooms around the world."


    I was a part of the international work Propel implements in Uganda. Living in Jinja for most of my stay in this amazing country, I used design thinking that informed the created interactive teacher trainings to build capacity. Together we co-created and implemented experiential learning and design-thinking workshops for the youth of the HELP school. 


    Additionally, I was able to co-create a girls empowerment program with the young girls at the school. Together we found courage to talk about the issues the girls self identified dealing within their village communities specifically around the issue of sexual violence. Creativity and safe conversation opened the doors to sustainable solutions for the community. 

    Little Rock Preparatory Academy

    Charter School Designer (HCD) | Researcher 

    Little Rock, USA

    LRPA is a progressive and bold charter school; one that is dedicated to  re-thinking the pathways to learning in public charter schools. Using design thinking and wide research on experiential learning - my role was to co-create the pilot year where 7th and 8th graders used the city of Little Rock as their learning playground. Museums, libraries, local parks, businesses and arts centers became places for hands on learning Monday through Friday. 


    The final deliverable included a sound methodology, an extensive program plan with suggestions from the community as well as suggested evaluation tools and next steps recommendations.

    Little Rock Preparatory Academy is now in it's third successful year of operation.

    Our House Homeless Shelter for the Working Homeless

     Youth Program Director | Facilitator | Trainer

    Little Rock, USA

     Our House operates Arkansas’s only licensed child development center and youth program specifically targeted to homeless and near-homeless families. These programs not only make it easier for parents to find and keep a full-time job (the cornerstone requirement of our programs), but they also give us the chance to invest time, energy, and resources to help children thrive emotionally, developmentally, and academically. 


    My adventures at Our House moved me through much learning about leadership. I was able to contribute largely to the architectural and program design of a 4 million dollar project that aimed to build a state of the art building that was to become a creative and fully experiential space for youth. We used design thinking tactics to help the youth envision what that would look like for them and listened to their voice (using a series of focus groups) and these ideas alongside research in the field focused our programming.


    I spent time first and foremost enforcing a youth centered culture where the kids were as much teachers as the staff were much learners. We learned by doing as often as possible. Needless to say we left the building to learn from the city around us as often as we could. 


    From crafting new youth centered policies and procedures, to designing relevant and challenging curriculum, to creating and facilitating experiential learning staff trainings, and supervising over 100 volunteers and 13 staff- empowering adults to allow youth to create themselves was at the core of it all. 


    Most importantly, this project allowed me to deeply integrate a researched based evaluation tool (YPQA) that incorporates many diverse stakeholders in the program.  Staff, parents, youth and even board members were included as assessors in the process. 


     Our House has won several consecutive awards for our work including Arkansas Business: Nonprofit Organization of the Year 

    For more work history click the LinkedIn button here ------------->

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  • Go to the people. Live with them. Learn from them. Love them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best leaders, when the work is done and the task accomplished will say, “We have done this ourselves.” - Lao Tzu